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    Do you feel like you are not...

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    Do you feel like you are not getting the promotion you deserve or making partner despite of your performance or hard work?

    Are you working countless hours and not getting the results you expected?

    It’s crazy that up to 80% of your success contributes from only 20% of your effort (based on the Pareto principle or also known as the 80/20 rule). I call it the “Golden Egg”. I’m Cassie Ferrer, Founder of Numbers Nerd Consulting. I teach this concept to my clients for my consulting business and the improvement is incredible. “Golden Egg” is a product or a client that generates the highest profit.  I refer it as a “Golden Egg” as it’s gold for the obvious reason but it’s also fragile. If it breaks, it will make a mess, up to 80% of the company’s profit.  While most companies are more diversified, many small businesses rely on a single product to sustain their businesses. For individuals, the “Golden Egg” factors maybe the top strengths or tasks that they do so well, if they leverage that skillsets or tasks, it will take them to the next level.

    My challenge to you is to identify your “Golden Egg” and determine how you can leverage your “Golden Egg” to get to the very top. Good luck hunting!

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